The American Science and Technology Education Association

Our Mission:

Basic STEAM Literacy for All

We provide STEAM education standards and access to certified courses and tests for everyone.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure every child and young adult has the opportunity and resources available to learn STEAM content and certify their knowledge. STEAM will power not only the next generation of scientists but also the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, and executives. Everyone needs exposure to this content. We intend to facilitate that.

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Our Impact

We are a young organization, full of promise just like our students. 

With your help, we can grow and change the world, just like our students!



Help Us Reach Our Goals

We have started working with corporations and government organizations to finance our mission.

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Since 2017

Serving communities

Founded in 2017, we  continue to make a difference...



Teachers Impacted

Our focus out of the gate is on training teachers, and then getting them in to classrooms with useful standards and certified courses.


Our Programs

Our programs are focused on practical, useful standards, course development, and testing systems to teach and certify STEAM knowledge and skills in an interesting and fun way. 


We focus on all STEAM content

But in 2017, our main foci (that’s plural for focus, right?) are;

Computer Software Training for Jobs

Sports Science to get kids excited about STEAM

Robotics to understand changes in the workplace

Electric Vehicles to green up our world

Also… Science, Technology, and Engineering

These are the "Hard Science" parts of our standards, courses, and tests. They are also the foundation of our modern world.

Art and 3D Printing

We focus on design and production more than other STEAM systems. This is a practical and useful way that shows professional results and gets kids engaged quickly.


The "M" in our STEAM stands for Math, but it also stands for Management. We think technical people should know something about business, and business people should know STEAM.

Tests and Contests

We are bringing a comprehensive testing system to kids around the country and around the world. After testing to ascertain their level, we bring kids and young adults together to compete in knowledge and skills.

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December 2017

AmSTEA's practical and fun approach to STEAM learning and testing is a great way to go. We think it is just the right mix to get kids interested, but also give them a well organized curriculum.

Jim Hogan



Get Involved

We have three ways to get involved;

   -Working on standards, courses, and tests

   -Running classes or contests



Standards, Courses, Tests

Are you a STEAM subject matter expert?

Have you run STEAM courses?

Are you an expert in Train the Trainer?

Are you a test wizard?

Tell us about it!

Classes and Contests

Classes are held in schools, corporations, and local government organizations.

Contests are held everywhere!

Make a Donation

Good quality standards, courses, and tests do not have to cost an arm and a leg, but they are not free. Help us achieve our goal by making a donation now!