NGSS is the Next Generation Science Standards.

It is a written standard that is being used or being adopted by most states in the USA. If you have a child in the education system in the USA, they are, or probably will be, learning and testing on these standards. It is not a single course text book. It is a standard that course books are written to.

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NGSS Standards; PD - Professional Development Seminar

NGSS is emerging as the science standard for grades K-12 in the USA, and will be incorporated in to the SAT test in an upcoming version. Many states in the USA have already adopted it or based their own state standards on it. Most other states that have not adopted it are voting on it soon.

We have an excellent Professional Education and Development seminar to teach teachers and administrators what the standards are, and how to incorporate them in to K-12 curriculum. Some of our teachers were involved in developing the STEAM standards for the State of California Education Department, and all have long experience implementing the standards at the classroom, school, and district level.