A Sample of Our Partners, Advisers, and Educators


National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA)

Many in our organization also belong to the National Science Teachers Association. We love these guys! We feel our job includes much more than science (our mission includes technology, engineering, art, and math, too). The NSTA is a pathfinder and leader in STEAM education. We appreciate them as we work on a broader mission at the primary and secondary school level. 


Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)

CompTIA is one of the top industry associations representing the computer and technology industries in the world. Our relationship goes way back. One of our Directors helped write the A+ Computer Certification for them. A+ is now one of the largest technical certificate training and testing programs in the world.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best and most active art organizations in the world. Their collection and scholarship on art is well known. We work to extend their mission of knowledge and appreciation of fine art to the world to the kids of the USA and the world.


Dr. David Turner

Dr. David Turner works in applied organic chemistry helping companies put their chemical and medical products in to production in the USA, Europe, and Asia. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from Tufts.


Enrique Flores-Galbis

Enrique (Henry) is an artist, writer, and educator living in New York City. His knowledge of art in all its forms is deep, as is his ability to communicate the creative mindset to artists and non-artists alike. He holds the a Distinguished Educator Award from the Parsons School of Design, a Cintas Fellowship for Painting, and his book "Raining Sardines" was a finalist for the America's Award for writing.


Scott Spector

Mr. Spector has worked on STEAM curriculum for a long time with great impact. He has been; STEM Developer for the California Department of Education, STEAM Technical Adviser for the Los Angeles Unified School District (Second largest in the USA), and Director of STEAM Curriculum and Instruction for a charter school.

Guangzhou Wudi Genius, Ltd.

Through our partnership with Guangzhou Wudi Genius, Ltd. we are working to extend our mission of "Basic STEAM Literacy for All" to Asia. This partnership also allows us to explore STEAM education in China, STEAM education products, and work with Wudi Genius on multinational competitions.


Meher Amalsad

Mr. Amalsad is an author, mathmetician, and educator with a positive message in engineering and mathematics who has impacted all the students he has taught and those who have read his materials. He is author of "Bread for the Head", a collection of wisdom on thinking and learning for students through high school age.


Yutong LIU

Ms. Liu holds a MA degree in instructional technology from Cal State San Bernadino, and is working with AmSTEA to get our curriculum and video content whipped into shape. Thanks Yutong!


STEAM / STEM Teachers

We work with many more content creators and teachers than we can list here. We want to thank them all for their good ideas and hard work. Do you know a great STEAM teacher in you district or school? Let us know about them and how they did they did something well. There is too much negative news out there. Let’s generate some positive headlines…