Our Directors have long experience with computer and software training. One worked in setting up and running software training centers for the largest software training company in the world. We also have experience updating the A+ Computer Technician Standard for CompTIA (The Computer Technology Industry Association). A+ is the most successful tech industry certificate with over 2,000,000 certificates awarded. A+ allows certificate holders to get a good tech job with a living wage.

We now work with the State of California and other states to assist them in implementing their new Computer Science standards. Below is a sample of what this looks like at the state level in California.

California Department of Education Computer Science (CS) Standards

AmSTEA-CS_108864086 - 1600.jpg

Computer Science (CS) Standards

Every state in the USA now has or is working on computer science standards for education of students in the state. These are basic skills for modern life. Computer hardware design, computer network installation and configuration, and computer software engineering and programming are key in our modern economy. And the jobs pay pretty well.

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